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Vacuum cleaner buying guide uk


vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner buying guide uk- Hard to find the best vacuum cleaner for your needs? The following guidelines help you choose the optimal vacuum cleaner for your home.


Choose a Vacuum Cleaner with a HEPA Filter If You Are Suffering From Allergies Or Asthma


Indoor air can cause a lot of problems if you have asthma or allergy symptoms. Make sure the vacuum cleaner you choose is efficient and airtight so particles don't release it, and has a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. The HEPA filter traps fine particles that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, such as pollen and dust mite droppings.


Make sure you choose a vacuum cleaner with a good HEPA filter! The higher the HEPA filter grading, the higher the filtration. A HEPA 10 filter, for example, filters 85% of airborne particles 0.05 to 0.15 micrometers in diameter, while a HEPA 12 filter filters 99.5%. HEPA 13 removes 99.95% of these particles. Larger particles are filtered to an even higher level.


Another great idea for improving indoor air quality is an air purifier. This air purifier filters out pollen, mold, pollution from traffic, allergens from pets and dust mites, as well as cigarette smoke. An air purifier with a noise level as low as 27 dB (A) means you can put it in the bedroom and it can work without disturbing your sleep.


Choose an efficient vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a HEPA 12 or HEPA 13 filter, to make sure you get rid of allergens in the air.


Clean the dust once a week? Dust a little every now and then?


The traditional way to clean is to vacuum the entire house once a week. For this, an ordinary vacuum cleaner is suitable - it offers a lot of cleaning capability thanks to its powerful suction and efficient nozzle.


A smart way to keep your home tidy is “instant cleaning” - vacuuming when needed, where needed. For this purpose, a cordless vacuum cleaner is suitable. A cordless vacuum cleaner is always at hand, with a neat design so you don't have to hide the vacuum cleaner in your closet. The Electrolux ErgoRapido is an icon with a stunning design that is perfect for this task.


So, once a week with a regular vacuum cleaner, or as little as needed? Many people do both. Choose the type of vacuum cleaner that suits your best cleaning method. Why not both?


A Quiet Time With A Quiet Vacuum Cleaner Is Important


With a quiet vacuum cleaner, you can dust whenever you want, without disturbing family members, neighbors or yourself. The ultra-quiet vacuum cleaner is perfect for your home life - it not only lets you clean dust without disturbing other people, but also lets you listen to music or talk on the phone while dusting.


Look closely at the decibel number - 3 decibels lower means the noise is halved! The sound level of a standard vacuum cleaner is around 78 decibels (A), while the quietest vacuum cleaner on the market is only 68 decibels (A) - a noise level on par with casual conversation. The noise level of the Electrolux vacuum cleaner is measured according to international standards.


Choose a vacuum cleaner with a noise level of 72 dB (A) or lower.


The Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Is Suitable If You Have A Spacious Home


Some Electrolux vacuum cleaners have very long cords, so you don't have to stop and change sockets often - useful if you have a large home. If your house size requires a lot of dusting, choose a vacuum cleaner with a good vacuum cleaner - which makes cleaning more efficient and easier. Also, if you dust a lot, it is very important that you choose a vacuum that is easy to guide and has ergonomic features. Ergonomic grip combined with easy-to-guide nozzles, for example, relieves tension on your wrists.


Choose a vacuum cleaner that is ergonomic, easy to navigate, and has a long cord.


Choose a small vacuum cleaner if you have a small house


Consider the storage area you have and look for an appropriate small vacuum cleaner. The advantage is the possibility to put the hose around the vacuum cleaner, which saves storage space. See also the number and position of the parking clips that hold the nozzle to the vacuum cleaner, these parking clips make storage easy. An interesting alternative might be a wired stem vacuum cleaner. Its sleek design makes it easy to store, for example, behind a door.


If your storage possibilities are very limited, there is an opportunity to choose a vacuum cleaner with a design so attractive that you will be happy to leave it out in the open.


Choose a small vacuum cleaner that is easy to use and store. Electrolux offers an impressive selection all of which live up to our commitment to "Thinking about you".

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